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Raising The Age For Medicare

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2020 | Uncategorized |

One of the ideas for reducing federal costs under the new budget is to raise the Medicare age from 65 to 67.  This could potentially save Medicare $7.6 billion in 2014 alone.  But what would the cost be to the individuals that are now not covered for those two years?  Potentially higher, finds Kaiser.    True, under the new health care laws, they could not be denied coverage, but many would have to pay more out of pocket for that coverage, and might not be able to afford such increases on a fixed income.  What do you think about this idea?

No matter what you think, it is important to let your senators and representative know your opinion.  You can find out how to contact your representative here, and locate and contact your senators here.

Raising Age for Medicare Would Save Feds Dough, Cost Everyone Else –